#099 How a Baker Now Lives a Healthy Lifestyle

How a Baker Now Lives a Healthy Lifestyle

In this podcast, I interview LuAnn Lukenbach who is the owner of LuAnn’s Cupcakes in Park City, Utah.  Everyday she is in her bakery surrounded by countless temptations.  Despite these challenges, she has defied the odds and has been able to lose 50 pounds and maintain a healthy lifestyle!

In this podcast, LuAnn shares the following:

1. How she lost 50 pounds.

2. How she has converted her living room into a real “living room.”

3. How she has maintained a daily habit of taking 10,000 steps.

4. How she has overcome the temptation of all of the “BLT’s” (bites, licks, and tastes) in her bakery.

5. How intermittent fasting has helped her in maintaining a healthy weight.

6. How a diet high in fruits and vegetables has allowed her to feel her best.

7. How she has created healthy treats in her bakery.

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What things have helped you in your healthy lifestyle?

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