Reverse Aging

With all of our processed foods, we have to fight hard to remember what real food is anymore. Half of all our food dollars are spent on eating out.

We are paying other people to decide what goes in our “food.” We’ve forgotten how or feel we don’t have time to prepare food.

What “they” decide to put in our food is one of the biggest factors in our weight gain. The more we eat “their food” the more weight we gain. I should know, I followed this path until my health crisis at age 44.

Two in every three Americans are now overweight or obese. Most Americans are now trying to lose weight but less than 5% will succeed to maintaing any weight loss. All of this extra weight is causing us to age prematurely, take lots of medications, and feel awful.  Indeed, this is now the number one cause of heart disease that I see in my cardiology practice.

What can we do?

Maintaining a healthy weight is critical to feeling energetic and preventing heart problems.  I have helped hundreds of my patients lose thousands of pounds. Most lose 10 or more pounds in the first 10 days. The rest comes naturally over time.

By focusing on real foods with maximum nutrition, my patients do not feel hungry. They don’t count calories and this is not a “diet.” It is simply returning to the way we were designed to live.

China’s Longevity Village

Just how far our society has deviated from a natural lifestyle, became apparent during our stay with the people of China’s Longevity Village. We learned much from these people who follow the natural rhythms of life and live long and well to show for it.

We came home with fresh eyes and a new sense of curiosity that continue to lead us to better choices and improved health.

Now is the time for us to reclaim our health and our happiness. Real food is medicine and can heal. Read food can turn off disease causing genes and turn on health promoting genes.

By eating real foods we can lose the weight and heal ourselves. We can feel younger and better than we ever have before.

Here are some strategies to help you lose the weight:

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