#225 The Longevity Plan Reviews

The Longevity Plan Reviews

The book critics loved The Longevity Plan.  Getting great Longevity Plan reviews is quite impressive given that book critics generally don’t care for health and wellness books.  Readers have also given great Longevity Plan reviews as witnessed by the book sitting for weeks as the #1 best seller on Amazon.

The Longevity Plan is Unlike Any Other Book

Perhaps the reason why the Longevity Plan reviews have been so strong is because The Longevity Plan is unlike any other book.  It just isn’t another health or longevity book.

This probably explains why Amazon has classified it as a China travel related book and Audible put it in their spirituality category.  Yes, there are definitely elements of both.

In The Longevity Plan, we take the readers to a remote village in the mountains of Southwest China, near the Vietnam border, which has the highest known concentration of centenarians in the world.  This isolated village, has now come to be known as Longevity Village.

Here, aging slows to a crawl.  People don’t grow old and they don’t get sick.  They don’t need doctors and they don’t take medications.  They also are not on a diet, don’t gain weight, and don’t go to the gym.

Our research team has done extensive interviews, physical examinations, and even genetic studies on the residents of Longevity Village.  The Longevity Plan shares their 7 secrets to enjoying great health and happiness at age 100 and beyond.

In The Longevity Plan, we also explore the mindfulness and spirituality component of Longevity Village.  Based on our research findings, their optimism, mindfulness, and spirituality was every bit as important as their diet and physical activity when it comes to excellent health at age 100.

The Longevity Plan Summary

For a great summary of the Longevity Plan, the New York Post ran an excellent piece.  Their article, titled “The Secret to Living Past 100 Can Be Found in this Remote Chinese Village,” briefly shares the seven lessons we learned from Longevity Village.

The Longevity Plan Book Trailer

If you want to see Longevity Village, and even meet some of its centenarians, then you won’t want to miss the 4-minute video book trailer of The Longevity Plan.

What the Book Critics Say About The Longevity Plan

Of all the positive Longevity Plan reviews we received, my favorite is by book critic, Tony Miksanek.  Tony Miksanek writes, “Listening to their stories feels like a dinner conversation between Henry David Thoreau, a Zen master, and Dr. Andrew Weil. Scrumptious. Inspiring.”

I also loved the title that Janet Tapper, writing for the Library Journal Reviews, gave to her Longevity Plan review.  Her title was “Changing Your Life Expectancy.”  In her review she wrote, “A universally appealing book for those interested in good health and life extension through natural living and a positive attitude.”

Publishers Weekly reported the following in their review of The Longevity Plan: “While not the first book to highlight the healthy habits of long-lived folks, this new offering is highly readable, thoughtful, and inspiring.”

The Kirkus book review wrote the following of The Longevity Plan: “Practical, applicable health guidance validated by a remarkable collective of revered Chinese elders.”

Author’s Review

As you might imagine, my Longevity Plan review will be rather biased.  That is because the 7 lessons we learned have forever changed my life.  These 7 lessons have helped me lose 35 pounds without trying, cut my cholesterol numbers in half, and lowered by blood pressure by 30 points.  They also helped me to get off of the five prescription medications I used to take.

Not only has The Longevity Plan forever changed my health but it has also forever changed the health of thousands of my patients and blog readers as well.  And it can change your life as well.  If you haven’t yet purchased your copy, do so now by following this link to the book on Amazon.

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